Exceptional Solutions for Military Applications

Cole Instrument prides itself on producing switches that are able to meet and exceed the strictest Military standards. In harsh environments, where reliability is a matter of life and death, Cole switches excel in providing the utmost in function and dependability. Demanding situations call for Cole switches.

The following are custom switch solutions designed for challenging military applications

This custom encoded, push-to-actuate, rotary switch is specially designed for applications requiring low weight, high reliability,and very low acoustic noise when activated from position to position.
The noise is undetectable at distances as close as 6 feet, yet the switch gives excellent detent feel.

The switch is in a 1/2-inch square plastic body with a behind panel length of less than 1 inch.  Its low weight is particularly significant when it is used in portable equipment that must be carried by personnel over long distances.


This is another custom design where a customer presented a challenging and unique requirement:  a coded BCD rotary pull/push switch with 10 positions and an "ON-OFF" detented switch.
The "ON-OFF" switch is operated by pulling or pushing the shaft a minimum of 0.200 inches to the detented mode.

The major challenge was to create this multi-mode, multi-function high reliability switch in a 0.675 Max. Diameter body and 1.750 Max. behind panel.

black_switch.jpg (10524 bytes)
The customer had very demanding requirements, and the switch we delivered met all their requirements.


This 3900 Solder Lug switch has a custom heavy-duty detent.  The switch is pull-to-turn, and tease-proof.

The customer's problem was other vendors could not supply a switch with the desired feel.   COLE was able to manufacture a detent that met their requirements perfectly.

The customer had very demanding requirements, and the switch we delivered met all their requirements.


Exceptional Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Cole Instrument is an industry leader in producing switches that answer the exacting demands of the engineer and the end user. Cole switches provide the highest quality and service life for a wide range of aerospace needs, while ensuring the best possible “feel” for pilots in commercial and military situations.

The following are custom switch solutions designed for demanding aerospace applications:

This switch assembly is three switches in tandem with two PC mount rotary switches and one push-button (SPST) switch.

The two PC mount switches are actuated by concentric shafts and have independent detent systems.  The outer shaft (0.25 Dia.) actuates the front switch.  The inner shaft (0.125 Dia.) actuates the rear rotary switch, and also actuates the SPST switch with a pushing action.

All this in a 0.865 diameter body and less than 2.5 inches behind panel length.
This is ideal for applications where multiple switching functions with high reliability are required, and where space is at a premium.


Yet another custom design where COLE was presented with a challenging and unique requirement.
In this case it's a tri-axial shaft actuating three separate functions:
1 Outer shaft
0.375 Dia.

Actuates a regular 12 position (30 indexing) rotary switch located in the front of the total switch assembly.

2 Middle shaft
0.250 Dia.

Actuates a 32 position (11.25 indexing) optical encoder, with a two bit quadrature code.  It is located in the center of the total switch assembly.

3 Inner shaft
0.125 Dia.

Actuates a SPST push-button switch requiring 0.150 Max. travel to be activated.  It is located at the rear of the total switch assembly.

Cole Instrument designed the total switch assembly with a 1.0 inch diameter body and 3.0 inches Max. behind panel length.
All switches have solder terminals.


Exceptional Solutions for Commercial Applications

Cole Instrument provides the commercial sector with switches that meet the highest levels of quality and precision. Using measures that mirror the strictest military standards, Cole produces a switch that offers dependable operation for our customers’ consumers.

The following is a custom switch solution designed for vital commercial applications:

Engine Starter Switch
This aircraft cockpit switch controls the igniters that start the Boeing 727 and 737 jet engines.  The Engine Starter Switch  is engineered to meet or exceed applicable MIL-PRF-8805 requirements.  The rotary switch incorporates push-to-turn and spring return, with magnetic latching.

The customer had very demanding requirements, and the switch we delivered met all their requirements.


These are but a few of the many custom designs that COLE has produced throughout the years.  They exemplify the ability to respond to challenging switch problems with innovative solutions.

Present us with your needs and we will build a precision switch to your satisfaction.

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