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1800 Series Information Packet Includes:
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  • Ordering Information
  • Technical Data
  • Information on all
    1800 Series Switches
  • 1800 standard
  • 1800 pull/push
  • 1800 Isolated Position Switch Description
  • 1800 spring return
  • Configurations and Restrictions Table
  • 1800 condensed
  • Commercial C1800
  • M1800 Series

Cole 1800 Series Information Packet

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Half-Inch One Deck Rotary Switch Spring Return Action/Momentary Positions

A 1800 Spring Return Rotary Switch has a spring return mechanism which allows for momentary positions. A momentary position is active only as long as the operator holds the knob in that position; when the operator releases the knob, a spring returns the switch back to an adjacent position. This prevents the switch from remaining in a certain position when the operator lets go of the knob. This feature is available throughout COLE's rotary switch product lines.

The SERIES 1800 spring return mechanism adds 0.160 inches to the behind panel length of the switch; all other dimensions remain unchanged.

The SERIES 1800 spring return mechanism is available in switches with 36 indexing (10 positions max) and 45 indexing (8 positions max). Cole Instrument Engineering and Design capabilities are available to customer with Special Application requirements.


Continuous (Non-Switching)
Current Capacity
6 Amps
Switching Current Capacity
28 VDC Resistive
0.2 Amps
Switching Current Capacity
115 VAC Resistive
0.15 Amps
Switching Current Capacity
28 VDC Inductive (2.8 H.)
0.03 Amps
Switching Current Capacity
28 VDC Lamp Load
0.1 Amps
Low Level Capable
Switching Life
25,000 cycles
13 grams


Contact Surfaces Gold Plated
Vibration Tested YES
High Impact Shock Tested YES
Moisture Resistant YES
Salt Spray Resistant YES
Explosion Proof YES
Immersion Tested YES
Screwdriver Slot Available
Shaft Seal Available
Panel Seal Available


Degrees Max. Positions Poles Available
36° 10 1 or 2
45° 8 1 or 2
60° 6 1 or 2
90° 4 1 or 2


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