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Optical Encoder Series Information Packet Includes:
  • Description
  • Product Photos
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Ordering Information
  • Technical Data
  • Information on all
    Optical Encoders
  • OE-39H & S Series
  • OE-39H/S22 Absolute
     Positioning Encoder
  • OE-39 TCT &TCN
    Tricentric Shafts Encoder
  • OE-39C Concentric
    Shaft Encoder
  • OE-36 High Resolution

Cole Optical Encoder Series Information Packet

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High Resolution Optical Encoder

Cole Instrument Corp. has emerged as a highly competitive manufacturer of Optical Encoders to meet the marketŐs demand for advanced switching technology. This advanced optical technology uses no mechanical contacts, reducing noise and eliminating contact bounce. Optical Encoders are more reliable and longer lasting than conventional rotary switches.

All of our rotary encoders use a quadrature output that is the same as a 2-bit repeating gray code. Quadrature 2-bit code is a relative or incremental code form wherein the direction and magnitude of the optical encoder can be determined, but absolute positioning cannot. In most applications this is not a problem.

In a quadrature rotary optical encoder two detectors are used to provide output “A” and “B”. The code rotor either blocks the infrared light or allows it to pass to the detectors. As the shaft turns the rotor, the output changes state to indicate position. The resulting output is two square waves that are 90° out of phase.

External pull-up resistors from each output to the power source are needed when interfacing with an open collector output to provide the output with the high state voltage when the photo transistor is “off”. Base current is supplied in a photo transistor when light strikes the detector effectively grounding the output. This “on” or “off” digital arrangement allows the open collector to interface with commonly used integrated circuit technologies such as TTL, TTL LS, CMOS and HCMOS.


2 bit quadrature
Operating Voltage
5.0 ± .5 VDC
Supply Current
30 mA max.
@ 5 VDC
Logic Low Maximum
0.5 V
Logic High Minimum
2.5 V
Logic Rise/Fall Time
@ 16.6 rpm
Switching Life
100,000 cycles
(1,000,000 available)


21 grams
Contact Surfaces Gold Plated
Vibration Tested YES
High Impact Shock Tested YES
Moisture Resistant YES
Salt Spray Resistant YES
Explosion Proof YES
Push Button Available
Concentric Shaft Available
Shaft Seal Available
Panel Seal Available





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