1800 Series

1800 Series - Push/Pull


Half-Inch One Deck Rotary Switch, Push/Pull Action



Half-Inch One Deck Rotary Switch, Push/Pull Action


Continuous (Non-Switching) Current Capacity
6 Amps
Switching Current Capacity 28 VDC Resistive
0.2 Amps
Switching Current Capacity 115 VAC Resistive
0.15 Amps
Switching Current Capacity 28 VDC Inductive (2.8 H.)
0.03 Amps
Switching Current Capacity 28 VDC Lamp Load
0.1 Amps
Low Level Capable
Switching Life
25,000 cycles
13 grams


Contact Surfaces Gold Plated
Vibration Tested YES
High Impact Shock Tested YES
Moisture Resistant YES
Salt Spray Resistant YES
Explosion Proof YES
Immersion Tested YES
Screwdriver Slot Available
Shaft Seal Available
Panel Seal Available


Degrees Max. Positions Poles Available
36° 10 1 or 2
45° 8 1 or 2
60° 6 1 or 2
90° 4 1 or 2




Half-Inch One Deck Rotary Switch, Push/Pull Action


Information Packet Includes:

  • Description
  • Product Photos
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Ordering Information
  • Technical Data
  • Information on all 1800 Series Switches
  • 1800 standard
  • 1800 pull/push
  • 1800 Isolated Position Switch Description
  • 1800 spring return
  • Configurations and Restrictions Table
  • 1800 condensed
  • Commercial C1800
  • M1800 Series

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Half-Inch One Deck Rotary Switch, Push/Pull Action


Cole 1800 Series Push/Pull is configured such that one or more positions cannot be contacted without the user pulling or pushing on the switch shaft, in addition to torquing. The depth dimension of the Series 1800 increases 0.217 in., max. to accommodate the mechanism. All other switch dimensions remain the same as standard specification.

The switch specifier has the flexibility or ordering which position or combination of positions to be isolated. Cole Instrument then inserts isolation posts adjacent to the position or positions to be isolated.

For multi-pole configurations, the first pole isolation post and stop location will determine the isolation pattern for the additional poles.

The Series 1800 enclosed switch was designed for critical ordnance applications, and demanding usage in aircraft, medical and industrial controls and instrumentation, as well as electronic equipment. This switch is available with 1 pole, 2 to 10 positions, and 2 pole, 2 to 5 positions.

Quality construction, including materials that meet the strictest standards, allows these subminiature switches to combine high current switching capacity with constant low contact resistance. Long life and high reliability are assured by exceedingly stringent inspection and testing procedures.

Available in standard solder lug or printed circuit terminations, the Cole Series 1800 and its unique design renders the switch resistant to water, contaminants and most solvents.



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