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In industries and environments that are constantly evolving, Cole Instrument has remained a trusted partner in the development of innovative switching solutions. With over 53 years of industry experience that has produced revolutionary results, Cole answers the stringent demands of nearly all commercial, aerospace, and military applications. Into each switch produced, Cole combines imaginative engineering, quality construction, and exceptional customer service.



To become the incomparable supplier for quality and innovation in rotary switches and optical encoder design and manufacturing



The success of Cole Instrument is built on the extensive talents of dedicated employees and the trust and support of its broad list of customers.
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Our Industries

When your application must meet extreme requirements and provide exacting results, let Cole assume the challenge and prove it is the Innovative Switch Company.

Military Applications

Cole switches meet and exceed the strictest military standards.

Aerospace Applications

Cole switches provide the highest quality and service life for many aerospace needs.

Commercial Applications

Cole switches meet the highest levels of quality and precision.

Research & Development

With the inception of a multi-million dollar Research and Development Center in 2016, Cole is able to combine imaginative, customized engineering, quality construction, and exceptional customer service to provide innovative switching solutions.



We eat, breathe and embrace lean principles:

  • Our workforce is small (smaller overhead) but efficient and quicker to respond to emergent requirements.
  • Low turn over means decades of experience throughout the workforce.
  • We have shorter lead-times than our competitors.
  • We invest our profits into R & D.
  • We are a second generation, family-owned business.



Cole has been honored to be a supplier for Boeing for over 35 years.

Cole also is in partnerships with Tier 1 Boeing suppliers BAE, Korry, Honeywell and Hexcel.



The success of Cole Instrument is built on the extensive talents of dedicated employees and the trust and support of its broad customer base.

We offer our deepest appreciateion and heartfelt thanks to them all.


Cole Instrument's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant is housed in three separate buildings to accommodate all stages of production

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing


Cole Instrument occupies more than 24,000 sq. ft. in its Santa Ana, California plan.

Cutting Edge Technology


Cole Intrument uses the latest, state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing equipment.

Founded in 1965, Cole has earned a world class reputation for designing and manufacturing high quality, precision rotary switches for Commercial, Aerospace and Military applications.

The Innovative Switch Company

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Cole Avionics Repair

Your trusted partner for engine starter switch repair.