Avionic Panel

8500PL Series

8500PL SERIES - 

Avionics Panel


8500PL SERIES - 

Avionics Panel


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8500PL SERIES - 

Avionics Panel


The ultimate in an inertia switch, the Cole Series 2020 is engineered to meet or exceed the customer applications.

The Series 2020 inertia switches were designed for critical ordnance applications, missile arming, wing deployment and detonation on impact.

The switch is available with one pole and with variable amplitude of 1 to 100 Gs.

Quality construction, including materials that meet the strictest standards, allows these inertia switches to combine high current capacity with constant low contact resistance. High reliability is assured by exceedingly stringent inspection and testing procedures.

The Cole Series 2020 switches are available with turret or solder lug terminals and with Normally Opened (N.O) or Normally Closed (N.C.) contacts. The 2020 Series switches are reset-able for testing.

The COLE Series 2020 switches construction provides the ultimate mechanical and electrical reliability with their unique design.



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